Collingswood Deck

A deck I built for a friend of mine in Collingswood, NJ. Cedar railings, pergola, and privacy wall with mahogany rail cap. Really happy with the way this turned out!





Queen village backyard

This project was a major backyard transformation in the Queen Village section of Philly I did with CityDecksInc. (Owned by Yanni, great guy, does great work check out his IG) , prior to our build this was just a concrete patio with random patio furniture. Now it’s a great outdoor space for entertaining. Ipe bench and dining table with removable leaf, cedar fencing, cedar cabinets with built in fridge/wine fridge, drop in BBQ grill, sink, granite counters, ceiling fan and blue stone pavers. Classy







Tuned Beer

Tuned beer was a fun project to work on, It was part of my thesis as an undergrad. A friend and I collaborated on creating objects that made connections among everyday objects and sound/music.
We redesigned the bottle, label, and six pack, to become a music making kit. The bottle has raised ridges on the side, when played with the cap it mimics the sound of a guiro (a latin percussion instrument). The label has marks on the side that correspond to the notes in the musical scale. The sound is made by drinking until you reach the desired note, then blowing across the top of the bottle to make it whistle. The six pack holder, when turned upside down, is a tongue drum that has six different pitches. We received some good exposure from the project, it was published on many blogs and in magazines, it even led to an appearance of us playing Tuned Beer on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno!




Leno6 Leno5